Tyrewise - Recycling for end of life tyres

Auto Stewardship NZ

A not-for-profit charitable trust for all aspects of “autos”

Auto Stewardship New Zealand (ASNZ) is a not-for-profit charitable trust which will work as an umbrella organisation for all aspects of “autos” including and beyond tyres.

The initial catalyst for the organisation was the Tyrewise project.

ASNZ will be the legal entity to hold the proposed product stewardship scheme put forward to the Minister for the Environment in August 2013 by the Tyrewise Working Group, but will in due course look at oil, batteries and the end of life of a vehicle as a whole.

The specific purposes of ASNZ are:

  1. to promote the aims of product stewardship and environmentally sound waste management practices in the auto industry to the benefit and advantage of all New Zealanders through the recovery and recycling of auto industry related products as identified from time to time (including but not limited to end of life tyres, end of life vehicles, used batteries and waste oil; and
  2. to hold and manage developed programmes on behalf of the auto industry; and
  3. to link and liaise with other developed programmes that may not be within the ASNZ umbrella; and
  4. to promote the adoption of programmes by the auto industry of environmentally sound waste management practices; and
  5. to pursue every object or purpose within New Zealand which in accordance with the laws of New Zealand for the time being is charitable.

The Deed for ASNZ was structured to meet the needs of some of the industry trustee representatives who would only commit resources to the product stewardship organisation (PSO) at the point at which priority product was declared by the Minister.

Therefore there is a clause in the Deed that is triggered for the next phase to occur which is:

  • appointment of the balance of industry trustees (see below);
  • an action for their own industry organisations to undertake a legal review of the ASNZ Deed;
  • application for charitable trust status; and
  • incorporation of the transparency and accountability function – referred to as the “black box function” (see below) – provided by an independent funds manager.


ASNZ Structure:

Structure Diagram

Various functions within the structure are outlined below.

A number of Trustees have been appointed to the ASNZ, with further Trustees still to be appointed if and when priority product status is declared.

You can read more about each of the current Trustees along with a Trustee Position Description.

“Black Box Function”
The “black box function” refers to the provision of funding transparency and accumulation of industry data in commercially confidential form from the providers of the scheme and consequently reporting of that information in aggregate form back to Government, various stakeholders and the public.

Programme Managers
Following announcement of priority product for tyres, it is proposed a tender programme management of the Tyrewise Product Stewardship Programme would be advertised and the tendering process would be undertaken by the PSO.

ASNZ Advisory Group
Individuals with unique industry knowledge/skills which complement those of the formal board members will act as an advisory group to the ASNZ. The Advisory Group would have possible representation from the following sectors:

  • New/Used vehicle importers
  • ELT transporters and processors
  • Collection sites
  • Rubber manufacturers
  • Local government
  • Large scale tyre users
  • Scrap metal recyclers

ELT transporters and processors will be represented on the Advisory Group and not the ASNZ Board to avoid conflicts of interest as the ASNZ will set the incentive payments.

The current Tyrewise Working Group will continue to act in an advisory group capacity during the interim phase from completion of Milestone 7 to an action taking place, including Project Managers, 3R Group.

To contact the Tyrewise Working Group email info@tyrewise.co.nz or 0800 TYREWISE (0800 897 394).