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International end-of-life tyre schemes

Good news for tyre stewardship in Australia

June 29, 2018

There has been some good news out of Australia around their end of life tyre stewardship this week. Tyre and Rubber Recycling magazine reports that JAX tyres with 84 retailers has signed up with Tyre Stewardship Australia to ensure the company does...Read more

Old tyres – making footpaths that help water trees

February 9, 2018

Who would have thought? New research from the University of Melbourne and Tasmanian company Merlin Site Services has found a way of recycling old tyres and using them to create urban paving that can provide water to nearby trees. Read the full...Read more

ELT Mgmt: Regulatory Mis-steps, Mistakes, Makeovers

June 3, 2015

ELT Management: Regulatory Mis-steps, Mistakes, Makeovers Presented to the Tyre Industry Summit 2015 by Glenn Maidment, President of the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada Top 10 Elements Which Should Not be in a End-of-Life Tyre...Read more

Collaboration required on tyre solution according to 3R

May 18, 2015

New Zealand’s track record with end-of-life tyres is littered with good intentions, dubious science and failed investments. While some businesses are safely recycling tyres, these are the exception rather than the rule. A more common outcome has...Read more

Understanding the REDISA process

December 2, 2014

From the REDISA November 2014 newsletter ...Read more

REDISA wins Oracle Sustainability Innovation Award

September 3, 2014

Source: REDISA newsletter August 2014 REDISA has been recognised internationally for its management system by winning the 2014 Oracle Sustainability Innovation Award. “This award highlights to an international audience our hard work creating...Read more

Australian scheme launches 1 July

June 10, 2014

The Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme set to launch from July 1 will undertake a mission to raise awareness of Australia’s lamentable lack of commitment to tyre recycling. Image: Australian Scrap Tyre Disposals Our record to date has been poor...Read more

REDISA, South Africa – One year on

May 21, 2014

REDISA, the Recycling and Economic Development Initiative South Africa, which operates a product stewardship programme for end of life tyres, will celebrate its first anniversary this Friday, 23 May. In its first eleven months (final year end...Read more