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Tyre Piles

Sea Cleaners, NZ Navy take 80 cube of tyres from the seashore

May 9, 2019

Virtually no beach clean-up would be complete without the odd tyre or two, but a recent project by the Royal New Zealand Navy and Auckland-based NPO Sea Cleaners has seen come 80 cube of tyres removed from the shore. The clean-up, which organisers...Read more

Innovative thinking for end-of-life tyres

September 25, 2018

Finding innovative uses for products at the end of their lives is key to solving waste issues and moving to a circular economy. Researchers at the University of Canterbury are a great example with their work to use end-of-life tyres in building...Read more

Court action over tyres from Amberly fire

May 3, 2018

A court has ordered the removal of more than 120,000 tyres, which were part of the pile that caught fire in Amberley earlier this year. According to Environment Canterbury the removal will be done at the cost of the companies, Tyre Recycling...Read more

Hefty fines from failed tyre recycling venture

March 9, 2018

A total o f $78,000 in fines have been handed down to three people involved in a failed tyre reycling venture in the Bay of Plenty. An estimated 2100 tonnes of tyres were stockpiled at two sites in the region, despite two abatement notices from the...Read more

Another tyre fire – how long do we wait?

February 27, 2018

Another large tyre fire illuminates the need for effective product stewardship of end-of-life tyres in New Zealand. Cause of massive North Canterbury tyre fire ‘unknown’, investigation to begin   STACY SQUIRES/STUFF  ...Read more

WRC tyre movement and storage guidelines

February 9, 2018

The release of tyre movement and storage guidelines are an important step in effective management of end-of-life tyres in New Zealand, says 3R Group Chief Executive and Tyrewise project manager Adele Rose. “End-of-lifes have been a...Read more

Why are waste tyres not regulated?

November 2, 2015

Source: Radio New Zealand National Every year three million tyres [Note: Tyrewise believes this is more like 5 million] are put into landfills, dumped or “stockpiled” on private land – but there are risks of the tyres catching...Read more

The man who loves tyres – Seven Sharp

August 6, 2015

Seven Sharp coverage of Alvin Cobb: Tyre lover Alvin Cobb collects tyres, owns two tyre shops and has filled an abandoned quarry with 700K tyres. His plans was to export the tyres to Vietnam, however the price was too low. He discusses the...Read more

Illegally dumped tyres poisoning environment

June 26, 2015

Tyres are being dumped secretly all over the country, poisoning the environment and wasting economic opportunities, recyclers say. Dave Youngson of Ecoretainer said he knew of tyres dumped in mangroves and off cliffs. Despite various attempts to...Read more

Tyre kingpin wants to export 700,000 tyres for recycling

June 22, 2015

At the end of a long driveway, hidden from sight in King Country, an Everest of torn, bald and stinking tyres grows day by day. Its owner, Alvin Cobb, estimated about 700,000 tyres are sitting on the site. He said he inherited at least 500,000 when...Read more