Tyrewise - Recycling for end of life tyres

How can you help?

Tyres are used in all aspects of our business and personal activities.  How end-of-life tyres are sensibly disposed of is a responsibility that we all share as consumers.

Whether a consumer or industry member, we can all positively influence the outcome of tyre management in our region by staying informed and taking action.

  • Write to your local MP or the Minister for the Environment
  • Join the discussion – comment on the 3R blog or email Tyrewise
  • Sign up for the Tyrewise e-newsletter to receive updates and stay informed
  • Industry queries? Contact 3R Group or the working group representative relevant to you
  • If you are a tyre processor or recycler not familiar with Tyrewise, contact Tyrewise for more information, and make sure we have your details on our database to receive updates
  • If you work in Local Government and want to join the discussion on ELT regulation and the Resource Management Act, please contact 3R Group

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Overview of present position:


Key contacts for each sector:

Tyres on Vehicles

Consumer representatives

Tyre Importers and Large Generators

Local Government

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Central Government