Tyrewise - Recycling for end of life tyres

Project FAQs

These FAQs relate to the project phase of the Tyrewise programme. For more FAQs about the current situation please click here.

What is Tyrewise?

Tyrewise will be a nationwide product stewardship programme for the recovery and safe disposal of End of Life Tyres (ELT) in New Zealand. During the project phase a range of feasible options to maximise product stewardship for ELT were identified. The option preferred by the majority of the Stakeholders, along with the necessary framework for implementation, is outlined in the Final Summary Report which was submitted to the Minister for the Environment in August 2013.

Who is responsible for the development of Tyrewise?

The Product Stewardship Foundation (PSF) is the programme manager for the development phase of this product stewardship programme. A stakeholder working group (see below) is overseeing the development of the programme. To ensure that the eventual programme has the highest opportunity for success, those stakeholders hold a mandate making clear their responsibility and authority to act on behalf of the entity they represent (Milestone 1).

How is the development of Tyrewise funded?

In March 2012 the Product Stewardship Foundation was awarded funding from the Waste Minimisation Fund (WMF) to develop a stewardship programme for End of Life Tyres (ELT). This grant covered 79% of the project cost and was payable on delivery of seven milestones. The project worked with industry and community stakeholders in New Zealand to clearly identify:

  • a range of feasible product stewardship options for tyres in order to improve environmental, economic, and social outcomes in the future;
  • the likely costs and benefits (economic, environmental and social) of these options;
    the option preferred by partners & stakeholders; and,
  • a framework for implementation of the preferred option, including a business plan and documentation for an application for Ministerial accreditation of a nationwide scheme under the Waste Minimisation Act.

How can I have my say?

We encourage you to be involved in the development of Tyrewise by providing feedback or comments via email.

What is the Product Stewardship Foundation?

The Product Stewardship Foundation (PSF) is a registered charitable trust set up to act as an incubator for stewardship programmes in NZ. PSF provides a framework to both support and nurture product stewardship as well as celebrate good stewardship in action.

PSF was last used at the beginning of the Agrecovery Rural Recycling Programme process prior to the formation of a separate entity for Agrecovery.

PSF aims are:

  • to promote model stewardship at all levels;
  • to bring stakeholders together;
  • to hold programmes on behalf of industry;
  • to serve as an information portal for product stewardship in NZ.

What is the role of the working group?

The working group reviewed and shaped the work programme, gave expert direction to the parties contracted to manage and deliver the programme. The group reviewed and gave their input to documents produced as part of the programme; provided regular (monthly) feedback to and from the stakeholders; and provided recommendations at various stages of the process. The working group also provided reports against agreed milestones, including financial accountability, to those proving funds.  During the interim phase from completion of the project to an action taking place, the current working group for Tyrewise will continue to act in an advisory group capacity.

Will the programme address the environmental and economic impacts of stewardship?

The negative environmental and economic impact of end of life tyres which are not disposed of appropriately is well documented. Considering the environmental impact of stewardship during the development of Tyrewise is crucial to the eventual sustainability of a commercial programme.

The working group evaluated which option has the best prospects of reducing greenhouse gases from tyre fires, reducing toxicity of leachate from stockpiles and reducing waste to landfill. The programme will be developed and audited against ISO 14001 Environmental Standards to ensure a robust system to meet environmental targets.

The preferred programme will bring a realistic price into the purchase phase of the tyre life cycle (reducing the risk of failure) and ensure recovery / recycling processors are “fit for purpose” and mitigate harm to the environment.

If you have any further questions please get in touch: Freephone 0800 TYREWISE (0800 897 394) or email info@tyrewise.co.nz