Tyrewise - Recycling for end of life tyres


As part of the development of Tyrewise a series of public consultation meetings were held to ensure industry had an opportunity to have their say.

These meetings took place at industry events over the last 12 – 18 months.  Regular updates were also given by Working Group Members at meetings held by their organisations.

Sustainable Business Council (SBC) Quarterly EXCO meetings of SBC
Regular updates given to Tyre Working Group of World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).
WasteMINZ WasteMINZ Roundup – Improving Your Wasteline! – 3-4 May 2012
WasteMINZ Annual Conference – Collaboration and Change – 17-19 October 2012
WasteMinz Roundup 2013 – Wellington – 16-17 May 2013
Motor Trade Association (MTA) National council meetings June and November 2012
Annual convention 5-6 October 2012 in Queenstown
Motor Industry Association (MIA) Various technical advisory group meetings based in Auckland
VIA (previously Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association Inc) AGM
Automobile Association (AA) National Council covering all districts which meets quarterly
Local Government NZ Annual conference 15-17 July 2012 in Queenstown
Waste Officers Forum at Waikato Regional Council 16 October 2012
Local government waste forum at WasteMinz conference October 2012
Industry Stakeholders: Tyre Collectors, Processors & End Users Public Consultation – Christchurch on 25 March 2013 and Auckland on 28 March 2013
NZ Tyre Recyclers and Collectors Association Incorporation Meeting September 2012 Wellington
Scrapmetal Recyclers Association AGM and convention 19-21 July 2012 in Auckland
Community Recyclers Network Hui 8 November 2012 in Wellington
Individual Stakeholder Meetings Tyrewise met with over 20 key stakeholders in person during the course of the project.  Other stakeholders were contacted by phone or email.

You can still have your say! Please send us an email info@tyrewise.co.nz.