Tyrewise - Recycling for end of life tyres

Project Stakeholders

Industry consultation throughout the development of this programme is important.

A coalition of industry representatives came together to form the Tyrewise Working Group developing a stewardship programme for ELTs.

The following gave their committment to participate in this working group:


Tyre Collectors, Processors and End Users

Beyond this working group there are other interested parties who are involved. These include Tyre Collectors, Processors and End Users and the Scrap Metal Recyclers Association who represent the sector who deal with the tyres at the end of their useful life, and the Hazardous Substances Technical Liaison Committees (HSTLC) which incorporates (regionally) participants from health, fire, local and regional government and which has an interest in the downstream effects of poor practice around ELT management.

It’s important to have your say! 

If you represent an industry organisation or company which would like to be involved with Tyrewise please complete this form and send us information about your business or contact info@ tyrewise.co.nz or check out Get Involved!.