wall of tyres

What does it mean for me?

wall of tyres

Tyrewise is expected to launch in late 2023!

In New Zealand we have been missing a valuable opportunity to avoid environmental harm and instead create jobs and add value through reuse of resources embedded in tyres.

With Tyrewise, we can change this.

End-of-life tyres represent a huge potential resource that is lost when they are dumped, stockpiled or enter landfill. A stewardship scheme means that everyone who imports or distributes tyres must participate equally, and that as a consumer, you can be certain that when you pay for a new tyre, that tyre will be responsibly managed within the scheme so its resources are recovered.

How will

Tyrewise help?

The negative environmental and economic impact of end-of-life tyres which are not disposed of appropriately is well documented. For many years we have seen images of tyre fires in Canterbury, stock piles in the Waikato, and most people have personal experiences of tyres dumped on roadsides across the country.

Tyrewise will minimise the environmental impacts of end-of-life tyres by managing the tyre from collection through to processing thereby reducing the incidences of greenhouse gases from tyre fires, reducing toxicity of leachate from stockpiles, and reducing waste to landfill.

Tyrewise will also bring positive economic impacts by supporting new markets for tyre derived products and creating jobs in processing and end market development.

All of this helps support a circular economy solution for end-of-life tyres in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Will it cost me more?

Once the scheme is up and running, Tyrewise will be funded through an advanced stewardship fee (also called an Advanced Disposal Fee or ADF). It is proposed this is charged to tyre importers by New Zealand Customs and to importers of new and used vehicles at the first point of registration.

The Advanced Disposal Fee replaces any environmental management or disposal fee charged by a tyre retailer for your old tyre when you purchased a new tyre.

The Advanced Disposal Fee is fixed wherever you are in New Zealand or from whomever you purchase a tyre, and there cannot be any additional charge for stewardship of an end-of-life tyre charged by the tyre retailer to the consumer.

How does Tyrewise work?

Tyrewise is the mechanism by which importers take responsibility for the environmental impact of their product, end-of-life tyres. It is known as Extended Producer Responsibility or more commonly in New Zealand, product stewardship.

Tyrewise doesn’t relieve importers of their responsibility, rather it challenges and supports them to reduce harm to the environment by helping to create a circular economy solution for tyres and drive change through the supply chain in line with the waste hierarchy.

Not only have Importers been part of the Working Group co-designing the scheme, critically they will pay the levy at first point of import which funds Tyrewise from its commencement date. Importers also contribute their knowledge and expertise through Technical Advisory Groups which support Tyrewise to achieve its aims.  The funding support received from Waste Minimisation Fund – Te Pūtea Whakamauru Para allows this mechanism, the Tyrewise product stewardship scheme, to be set up ready for launch.

Getting ready

for launch

We’ve got a lot of work to do to get things ready to go in late 2023.

You can read a brief outline of what the various steps are on our website.

We’ll also be running an information campaign to make sure you know when the changes are happening and how they affect you.

If you would like to discuss the proposed scheme, please get in touch.

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