REDISA wins Oracle Sustainability Innovation Award

REDISA wins Oracle Sustainability Innovation Award

Source: REDISA newsletter August 2014

REDISA has been recognised internationally for its management system by winning the 2014 Oracle Sustainability Innovation Award.

“This award highlights to an international audience our hard work creating a management system which is an effective tool to build and grow a recycling industry, create jobs, deal with an environmental problem and at the same time make a significant contribution to reducing the national carbon footprint. Through our system we have been able to achieve a number of milestones, including remediating 28 811 tonnes of waste tyres to date.

One of the important elements of our systems here at REDISA is a comprehensive and geo-located data collection process. In order to understand the extent of the waste tyre problem in the country, we have deployed a mapping system which has helped to identify the sources of waste tyres such as tyre dealers, and waste tyre stockpiles. To date, 1 683 waste tyre collection points and 96 stockpiles have been identified and mapped thanks to the IT system.

Already, after less than 18 months of operation, over 50% of tyre dealers nationally are being serviced, and 743 jobs have been created.”

Check out thisĀ great video from REDISA outlining their aims and achievements…

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