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Phase One

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Tyrewise Project


The Tyrewise project commenced in March 2012 with the Ministry of the Environment awarding Waste Minimisation Fund funding for the development of a stewardship programme for end-of-life tyres (ELTs).

The aim of the project was to enable industry to work together to deliver a consistent nationwide approach to the responsible disposal of tyres.

Various industry stakeholders worked together to develop the programme, forming the Tyrewise Working Group.

With the submission of the Business Plan, Scheme Launch Preparation Plan and Scheme Accreditation application in August 2013, the last Tyrewise Project Milestone was completed.

During the interim phase from completion of the initial project to scheme implementation, the current working group for Tyrewise will continue to act in an advisory group capacity.


In the first project phase 2012-2013, seven milestones were set for the development of the Tyrewise programme, including:

Milestone 1 – Launch project

Ensure mandate supplied from each partner organisation
Develop and launch information portal website – www.tyrewise.co.nz
Prepare Stakeholder Consultation Plan and publish to website
Report: Stakeholder Consultation Plan
Commenced: 09/03/2012
Completed: 05/04/2012

Milestone 2 – Critique of Existing Systems and Stakeholder Consultation

Investigate NZ and international situation regarding used tyres and their collection and disposal
Hold session at WasteMINZ Roundup in Hawkes Bay in May 2012 to describe preliminary findings and receive feedback
Report: Tyrewise Scoping Report One – Current ELT Situation V3 – 11 June 2012
Presentation: Tyrewise Presentation for WasteMINZ Roundup May 2012
Commence: 05/03/2012
Completed: 11/06/2012 (revised from 30/05/12)

Milestone 3 – Investigate Alternative Uses

Investigate alternative uses for collected tyres (NZ and international)
Report: Tyrewise Scoping Report Two – Alternative Uses for ELTs V3 – 31 July 2012
Commence: 05/03/2012
Completed: 31/07/2012

Milestone 4 – Identify Options

Identify range of feasible product stewardship options and their costs and benefits (economic, environmental and social)
Report: Tyrewise Scoping Report Three – Feasible Product Stewardship Options for ELTs in NZ V3 – 3 Sept 2012
Tyrewise Cost Benefit Analysis V4 – 08 Aug 2013
Commence: 05/03/2012
Completed: 30/08/2012

Milestone 5 – Identify Industry Preferred Option

Develop set of guiding principles for the ELT product stewardship programme
Report: Tyrewise Scoping Report Four – What might a future programme look like V7 – 1 March 2013
Commence: 05/03/2012
Complete: 25/02/2013 (revised from 30/11/12 to extend consultation time with stakeholders)

Milestone 6 – Consult with Industry Stakeholders

Run session at WasteMINZ Annual Conference in October 2012
Complete feedback report
Share summary of findings and ELT working group interim views with WasteMinz stakeholders and report feedback
Report: Tyrewise Scoping Report Five – WasteMINZ Feedback Report V2 – 21 Dec 2012
Commence: 01/10/2012
Complete: 21/12/2012

Milestone 6A – Additional Public Consultation

Run two additional public consultation workshops following the release of Scoping Report 4
Share outline of the proposed scheme and how it will apply to stakeholders throughout the supply chain and obtain feedback
Complete feedback report, share with the Working Group and publish on website
Report: Tyrewise Scoping Report Six – Summary Report for Public Consultation Workshops held March 2013
Tyrewise Presentation for Public Consultation – Auckland
Tyrewise Presentation for Public Consultation – Christchurch
Commence: 01/12/2012
Complete: 01/05/2013

Milestone 7 – Scheme Launch Preparation

Prepare for accreditation application
Develop business plan
Prepare for programme launch
Summarise project events and findings
Complete final project report, share report with Stakeholders and publish on website
Report: Report Seven – Summary Report for Minister and WAB Release V4 – 28 Aug 2013
Commence: 01/11/2012
Complete: 15/08/2013 (revised from 03/04/13 to extend consultation time with stakeholders)

Public Consultation

Public consultation is a critical part of the development of Tyrewise to ensure industry have an opportunity to have their say.

In the first project phase 2012-2013, a series of meetings took place at industry events over a period of 12 – 18 months. Regular updates were also given by Working Group members at meetings held by their organisations.

You can see details of industry meetings held during this period by clicking on each organisation:

Sustainable Business Council (SBC)

Sustainable Business Council (SBC)
Quarterly EXCO meetings of SBC
Regular updates given to Tyre Working Group of World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).


WasteMINZ Roundup – Improving Your Wasteline! – 3-4 May 2012
WasteMINZ Annual Conference – Collaboration and Change – 17-19 October 2012
WasteMINZ Roundup 2013 – Wellington – 16-17 May 2013

Motor Trade Association (MTA)

Motor Trade Association (MTA)
National council meetings June and November 2012
Annual convention 5-6 October 2012 in Queenstown

Motor Industry Association (MIA)

Motor Industry Association (MIA)
Various technical advisory group meetings based in Auckland

VIA (previously Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association Inc)


Automobile Association (AA)

Automobile Association (AA)
National Council covering all districts which meets quarterly

Local Government NZ

Local Government NZ
Annual conference 15-17 July 2012 in Queenstown
Waste Officers Forum at Waikato Regional Council 16 October 2012
Local government waste forum at WasteMinz conference October 2012

Industry Stakeholders: Tyre Collectors, Processors & End Users

Public Consultation – Christchurch on 25 March 2013 and Auckland on 28 March 2013

NZ Tyre Recyclers and Collectors Association

NZ Tyre Recyclers and Collectors Association
Incorporation Meeting September 2012 Wellington

Scrapmetal Recyclers Association

Scrapmetal Recyclers Association
AGM and convention 19-21 July 2012 in Auckland

Community Recyclers Network Hui

8 November 2012 in Wellington

Individual Stakeholder Meetings

Tyrewise met with over 20 key stakeholders in person during the course of the project. Other stakeholders were contacted by phone or email.

Phase Two

Find out what is happening in Phase Two of the Tyrewise Project.