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Phase Two

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Tyrewise Project


Little had changed in the provision of end of life management of tyres in the period following the final Phase One Tyrewise report until the declaration of priority product in July 2020.  In those intervening years, the industry and Working Group had remained committed to mandatory participation in stewardship.

Following the 2017 election, the new coalition government included “to establish a tyre stewardship fund” (p4) as one of their coalition priorities for their first term.  This renewed industry hopes that a mandatory product stewardship solution for tyres would be put in place.

The Government subsequently confirmed they were working on regulating six waste streams, including tyres, and in May 2019, the Tyrewise project was officially resurrected.

This project has now updated the Tyrewise Product Stewardship Scheme Scoping reports 1-5.  This includes what currently happens to end-of-life tyres, best practice, preferred stewardship options, mass balance data on tyre imports and the recovery and recycling of end of life tyres from 2015 to 2018.

Consultation on the preferred stewardship option has been undertaken, with registered tyre importer, resellers, collector, recycler, and end market developers of end of life tyres (ELT’s).

The final report has now been published.


In this second project phase 2019, four milestones have been set, including:

Milestone 1 – Re-establishment of Tyrewise Governance/Working Group and two advisory groups

Inform Governance Group meeting to ensure clarity on work program.

Establish the two Advisory (Steering) Groups gather registrations of interest to participate in the advisory group functions from the minor importers & collector, processors and end market users of End of Life Tyres. Prepare Terms of Reference and Scope of Works. Set consultation dates.

Develop and launch general information and working group secure portal website to ensure optimal communication with stakeholder group and interested parties.

Commences: 20/05/2019
Complete by: 12/07/2012

Milestone 2 – Refresh Mass Balance data, current situation in NZ and update on future uses

Update Mass Balance Data

Refresh material collected for the original Tyrewise Scoping Report 1: Current ELT Situation

Refresh material collected for the original Tyrewise Scoping Report 2: Alternative Uses for ELTs

Commences: 15/07/2019
Complete by: 13/09/2019

Milestone 3 – Consultation on Feasible Product Stewardship options and programme model

Refresh material collected for the original Tyrewise Scoping Report 3 – Feasible Product Stewardship Options

Update the options and outline the preferred two options by consulting with the Working Group and the Advisory (Steering) Groups

Refresh material collected for the original Tyrewise Scoping Report 4 – What might a future programme look like?, including preferred two options and the associated Cost Benefit Analysis

Commence: 16/09/2019
Completed: 14/11/2019

Milestone 4 – Business Plan & Accreditation updated; resubmit Accreditation

Refresh the business plan (commercially sensitive)

Refresh the Tyrewise Accreditation documentation (commercially sensitive)

Commence: 18/11/2019
Completed: 13/12/2019

Tyrewise 2.0 Master Report


Public consultation has been a critical part of the development of Tyrewise. Both industry and the general public have been encouraged to have their say in the development of this regulated product stewardship scheme.

Consultation is outlined on the “Get Involved” page of this website.