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wall of tyres

Tyres are used in all aspects of our business and personal activities. How end-of-life tyres are sensibly disposed of is a responsibility that we all share as consumers.

Whether a consumer or industry member, we can all positively influence the outcome of tyre management in our region by staying informed and taking action.

Advisory groups

Two advisory groups will work with 3R Group Ltd, project managers for Tyrewise, over two sessions likely to be in August and October 2019.

The two groups are:

  • Group 1: Tyre Importers (also known as the Brand Owner First Importer) and Distributor / Retailers
  • Group 2: Tyre collectors, processors, recyclers and end users (value add to recycled material)

If you are a tyre importer, distributor, collector, processor, recycler or end market user (adding value to the recycled material) and would like to be involved, get in touch.

Public consultation

There are four public consultation meetings planned. These are likely to be in Auckland and Christchurch between September and November 2019.

To be kept informed as to when and where the meetings will be held, please send us your details using the form below.

Public submission

We welcome submissions from the public and stakeholders at any time. Please complete the following form or get in touch directly with the Tyrewise team.