E-news: Tyrewise update – June 2024

The Tyrewise crew are making their way around their rohe (regions). Support field rep, Dustin Raupatu Stephens, has come on board to help out over the busy next few months. The

E-news: Tyrewise update – May 2024

For those thinking about becoming a Tyrewise processor, and who don’t yet have an operational plant, we’ve published our guide for the application process. Read our e-news Subscribe – subscribe to our

E-news: Tyrewise update – April 2024

There are a few things your field rep will discuss with you when they visit. We’ve put them together in a handy checklist to help you be prepared. Read our e-news

E-news: Tyrewise update – January 2024

Registrations of Tyrewise participants are now in full swing with loose tyre and vehicle importers and sellers, as well as tyre collectors and processors around the country getting in touch to

E-news: Regulation announced – October 2023

We are delighted to let you know that the Waste Minimisation (Tyres) Regulations 2023 have been approved. With the regulations in place, Tyrewise can now start the next phase of the

E-news: Tyrewise update – July 2023

Our mahi on the implementation of Tyrewise continues at pace while we await the publication of the final regulations. A key part of this is registering participants, so if you import

E-news: Tyrewise update – March 2023

This month, we’re excited to highlight our first case studies. They are designed to showcase the innovative Kiwi manufacturers who make new tyre-derived products or make and use tyre-derived fuel. Read

E-news: Tyrewise update – January 2023

Find out what’s happening with the Tyrewise implementation project: A key focus during the first quarter of 2023 is registration. Firstly, registration of participants, particularly those who sell tyres. And secondly, registration

E-news: Tyrewise update – November 2022

Find out what’s happening with the Tyrewise implementation project: Progress reports on Implementation, links to Registration Guides and news from around the world. Read our e-news Subscribe – subscribe to our

E-news: Tyrewise update – September 2022

Find out what’s happening with the Tyrewise implementation project. Introducing our new brand and video, reporting on progress with our North Island systems and process trial, plus links to Registration Guides

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