About Tyrewise

Tyres help us every day.

But when they’ve done their job, we need to do ours.

Moving forward together

Tyrewise was created to prevent millions of tyres ending up landfill, being illegally stockpiled or dumped each year, so we can protect the health of both te taiao, our environment, and our hapori, communities. 

Tyrewise is Aotearoa’s first regulated product stewardship programme. It minimises the environmental impacts of end-of-life tyres, with its clear pathway from tyre service providers and collection sites to processing partners, which recycle and repurpose them into other useful products.  

Tyrewise tracks tyres via a network of registered participants, throughout their life cycle, to ensure tyres are kept from illegal dumping, stockpiles and landfill. 

Who oversees Tyrewise?

Tyrewise is the only Ministry for the Environment-accredited scheme to manage regulated end-of-life tyres. 

It is operated by Auto Stewardship New Zealand, a not-for-profit trust which acts as the Product Stewardship Organisation. Auto Stewardship New Zealand has a board of experienced automotive industry trustees who are responsible for the governance of Tyrewise. 

How is Tyrewise funded?

The scheme is funded by the tyre stewardship fees, which are collected by the Ministry for the Environment on all new tyres entering the Aotearoa New Zealand market – whether loose or on vehicles.

Funds are passed on to Auto Stewardship New Zealand to operate Tyrewise. They are spent on: 

  • management of the scheme;
  • tyre collection services;
  • incentive payments for local processing and tyre-derived product manufacture for the New Zealand market; and
  • research and development grants

Tyrewise pays its collection and transport partners, creating sustainable income streams, while incentives for eligible processing and manufacturing, along with research and development grants, stimulate the development of innovative end-uses in the domestic market. 

The Ministry for the Environment retains 0.48% of the fee, which is used to monitor Tyrewise. 


Tyrewise and Auto Stewardship New Zealand are responsible for publicly reporting on the scheme’s performance. The Ministry for the Environment is responsible for monitoring the scheme. 

Tyrewise reports on how funds are spent and its achievement of targets. It must also maintain a chain of custody for all collected and processed tyres, which is done using Tyrewise’s bespoke tracking software. 

What's my role?

Each part of the supply chain has its responsibility to steward tyres – from importers who pay the tyre stewardship fee, through to the processors who turn tyres into a useful feedstock for manufacturers.

Industry input

Tyrewise was designed by industry with support from Government. Now the regulation is in effect, the Tyrewise Working Group, which has represented New Zealand tyre and automotive organisations through the phases of design and implementation, has been dissolved. The group has been replaced with Technical Advisory Groups which will provide expert advice to Auto Stewardship New Zealand and the Tyrewise scheme managers. 

If you want to lend your expertise, you can register your interest in any of the Groups.  

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