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Our natural world is calling. We're answering.

We are working as contemporary kaitiaki to find innovative ways of protecting
Aotearoa New Zealand from tyre waste. 

Find out more about the people who are working for the good of the motu.

Implementation Project Manager

3R Group have been appointed by Auto Stewardship New Zealand to be the Project Manager for the Tyrewise Implementation Project. We are experts in designing and activating product stewardship schemes.  We have been with Tyrewise from the beginning in 2012, bringing together tyre retailers and importers, industry, and local and central government so we can end tyre waste in our communities.

Our leadership team works with the wider 3R team to manage Tyrewise. 

In addition to oversight of the full Tyrewise Implementation Project, Adele’s key roles include governance, finance, and regulatory issues.  She also liaises with Ministry for the Environment and Auto Stewardship NZ.

Trevor is responsible for co-ordinating the registration of all scheme participants and oversight of the tyre tracking software.  He also works closely with processors and manufacturers to understand and develop end markets. 

Kiri co-ordinates key information and messages for the industry and the public.  She ensures everyone knows what they need to – why Tyrewise exists, how it works, and how you will interact with the scheme.

Jason works with scheme participants to help them understand their role and obligations under the regulations.

Cam manages our simple tyre tracking system which makes booking collections easy for our scheme participants. He is also responsible for data and financial modeling.

Natalie ensures the financial systems are in place, while also helping to ensure the smooth registration of scheme participants.

Regan traverses the motu, helping our partners get up to speed on all things Tyrewise, so they can play their part in ending tyre waste in Aotearoa.

Auto Stewardship New Zealand

Auto Stewardship New Zealand is the Product Stewardship Organisation for Tyrewise.  It is a not-for-profit charitable trust responsible for governance and oversight of the scheme. 

ASNZ was awarded funding for the Tyrewise Implementation Project by the Waste Minimisation Fund – Te Pūtea Whakamauru Para (WMF), which is administered by the Ministry for the Environment.

It is funded by fees paid on regulated tyres.

Mahi tahi - working together

Over many years, New Zealand tyre and automotive organisations have been working together to ensure the future wellbeing of Aotearoa and our communities. Through Tyrewise, we are supporting the opportunity for end-of-life tyres to become resources that fuel Kiwi ingenuity and industry. Now Tyrewise has launched, the Working Group has been replaced by Technical Advisory Groups.

Tyrewise Working Group

Technical Advisory Groups

The Technical Advisory Groups are key to the success of Tyrewise, providing specialist advice on Key Performance Indicators that will measure the success of our mahi.  Representing each part of the supply chain, the Groups act as a sounding board for Auto Stewardship NZ and the Tyrewise scheme managers. If you are interested in lending your knowledge and expertise, please take a closer look.

Let’s move forward together. Haere whakamua tahi.


The Regulator

The Ministry for the Environment, through their regulatory powers under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008, are the Regulator for Tyrewise. 

They are responsible for enforcing compliance with the regulations set out for the scheme.

Ki te kahore he whakakitenga
ka ngaro te iwi.

Without foresight or vision the
people will be lost.

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