Webinars: regulations webinar series

With the regulation covering the product stewardship of end-of-life tyres now published, a series of webinars were held to help you understand your role and obligations.

Recent webinars

Tyrewise – Importers & sellers of agricultural vehicles & machinery

Held 7 May 2024. A webinar for importers and sellers of agricultural vehicles and machinery. Held in conjunction with the Tractor and Machinery Association (TAMA).

Tractor and Machinery industry webinar

Held 26 February 2024.
A webinar run in association with the Tractor & Machinery Association (TAMA) on readiness for the launch of Tyrewise.

Tyrewise – readiness for 1 March webinar

Held 15 February 2024. A final webinar before launch for all liable parties and participant types was held to discuss what each group needs to have ready for 1 March, and what to expect from Tyrewise as we head to 1 September operational launch.

Vehicle Importers Association webinar

Held 14 February, 2024. The Vehicle Importers Association held a webinar focused on the role of vehicle importers in the scheme, with a range of presenters including Tyrewise.

Loose tyre importers, customs brokers, freight forwarders

Held 7 February 2024.
A webinar intended for importers and their customs brokers/freight forwarders, with presentations by Ministry for the Environment and NZ Customs.
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