WRC tyre movement and storage guidelines

The release of tyre movement and storage guidelines are an important step in effective management of end-of-life tyres in New Zealand, says 3R Group Chief Executive and Tyrewise project manager Adele Rose.

“End-of-lifes have been a substantial and unfair burden on local government and by default, ratepayers, for a long time,” she says.

“Without a permanent product stewardship solution for tyres the problem continues to grow, year on year.”

According to Rose, Waikato Regional Council have shown strong leadership in developing these standards alongside other local councils.

“It’s critical that local government has consistent guidelines across the country to help manage end-of-life tyres. The report covers storage risks, disposal options, and guidance on intervention.”

Every year some 3.9 million passenger tyres and 1.2 million truck tyres reach the end of their life in New Zealand, yet there is currently no pathway to effectively making use of the resource they represent. As a result millions of tyres are stockpiled around the country, posing a significant risk to the environment and New Zealanders.

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