It's time for decisions…

Source: Autotalk – IndustryTALK By David Crawford, CEO of the Motor Industry Association of NZ (Inc)

It’s time for our government to make decisions on the recycling of tyres

Industry and government have been discussing for what seems an eternity the need to declare tyres a priority product under the Waste Minimisation Act.

A Tyrewise Working Group was established and they reported their recommendations to the Minister for the Environment in 2013.

In May this year the Government released a discussion document seeking feedback on the selection of priorities for potential product stewardship interventions, among which is tyres. Since then it seems work has quietly sunk into a black abyss.

It might seem strange that the MIA, which wants better and less regulation, is seeking a regulatory response to the disposal of end of life tyres. However, when considering current and historical market practices for management of end of life tyres it remains woefully inadequate, demonstrably illustrating the market’s inability to adequately address this environmental disaster.

It’s time for Government to stop analysing this to death – industry is uniform in its view that tyres need to become a priority product in order to provide for effective management of disposal options in an environmentally sustainable and responsible manner.

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