National Environmental Standard for tyres a crucial piece of the puzzle

Government has announced a new National Environmental Standard (NES) for the outdoor storage of tyres.

The way tyres are stored outdoors is set to change for the better with Government announcing a new National Environmental Standard (NES) governing the practice.

Tyrewise Programme Manager Adele Rose says the new NES is vital for the running of a regulated product stewardship scheme for tyres. “Tyres were declared a priority product under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 in late July. This NES is an important piece of the puzzle for when the regulated product stewardship scheme for tyres begins operating.”

The new standard, which regional councils are responsible for implementing, sets out consistent rules across the country around the environmental risks of storing tyres outdoors. It doesn’t affect the use of tyres for purposes such as barriers on raceways.

“Incorrect storage of tyres has resulted in a number of fires which have significant negative impacts on human health and the environment,” Adele says.

Associate Minister for the Environment Eugenie Sage says Cabinet had recently approved the preparation of the NES. The regulation to put it into law will now be drafted for Cabinet consideration later this year and would come into effect in 2021.

For more information see the NES summary proposal on the Ministry for the Environment website.

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