Tyrewise funding

Tyrewise has received funding support through the Waste Minimisation Fund for the development of a product stewardship programme for End of Life tyres.

The grant covers 79% of the project cost and is payable on delivery of seven milestones.
The project will work with industry and community stakeholders in New Zealand to clearly identify:

  • a range of feasible product stewardship options for tyres in order to improve environmental, economic, and social outcomes in the future;
  • the likely costs and benefits (economic, environmental and social) of these options;
    the option preferred by partners & stakeholders; and,
  • a framework for implementation of the preferred option, including a business plan and documentation for an application for Ministerial accreditation of a nationwide scheme under the Waste Minimisation Act.

More information about the Waste Minimisation Fund, which is administered by the Ministry for the Environment, is available here.

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