Sea Cleaners, NZ Navy take 80 cube of tyres from the seashore

Virtually no beach clean-up would be complete without the odd tyre or two, but a recent project by the Royal New Zealand Navy and Auckland-based NPO Sea Cleaners has seen come 80 cube of tyres removed from the shore.

The clean-up, which organisers say involved a “huge effort”, is an example of where end-of-life tyres end up when there is no proper stewardship programme in place. While one may think tyres do little harm in the sea they can damage underwater habitats as they are washed around by waves and tidal flow, and also release toxins into the water. Artificial reefs using tyres have proven to be failures which were environmentally damaging and costly to remove.

Well done to everyone involved in the great effort to remove the tyres. Keep up the good work.

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Photo: Sea Cleaners
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