ELT Mgmt: Regulatory Mis-steps, Mistakes, Makeovers

ELT Management: Regulatory Mis-steps, Mistakes, Makeovers
Presented to the Tyre Industry Summit 2015 by Glenn Maidment, President of the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada

Top 10 Elements Which Should Not be in a End-of-Life Tyre Regulation:

  1. Tyre Eco Fee Amount
  2. Probhibition of Eco Fee Visibility
  3. A restricted definition of “Producer”
  4. A listing of tyre categories captured by Regs
  5. A requirement for “Design for Environment”
  6. Gov’t. appointment to an industry board
  7. Arbitrary restrictions on viable market opportunities
  8. A requirement for Producers to pay tyre retailers a handling allowance
  9. A requirement for a detailed Stewardship Plan
  10. Creation of a Gov’t Oversight Body

Top 10 Elements Which Should be in a End-of-Life Tyre Regulation

  1. Demand Outcomes i.e. diversion & accessibility targets
  2. Allow Producers to Discharge Obligations via Contract with Service Providers
  3. Allow Producers to Join a Collective
  4. Require Annual 3rd Party Audited Reports
  5. Encourage Gov’t to support green procurement
  6. Gov’t. must provide enforcement provisions
  7. Demand clean-up of existing scrap tyre piles
  8. Prohibit tyre retailer charging consumer a fee to dispose of their old tyres
  9. Require a responsibility for public education
  10. A generic definition of tyre types captured under Regulation
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