Product Stewardship Organisation for vehicles formed

Tyrewise Project Manager’s 3R Group have announced the formation of a new organisation to work on product stewardship solutions for vehicles including the current project for End of Life Tyres (ELTs).

This organisation is Auto Stewardship New Zealand (ASNZ), a not-for-profit charitable trust which will work as an umbrella organisation for all aspects of “autos” including and beyond Tyres – future proofing this problematic waste.

Initially it will be the legal entity to hold the proposed product stewardship scheme recently put forward to the Minister for the Environment by the Tyrewise Working Group, but will in due course look at oil, batteries and the end of life of a vehicle as a whole.

The initial catalyst for the organisation was the Tyrewise project which was awarded funding from the Waste Minimisation Fund by the Ministry for the Environment in March 2012 for the development of a stewardship programme for ELTs. The project, which was recently completed, has enabled industry to work together to deliver a consistent nationwide approach to the responsible disposal of tyres.

Various industry stakeholders have been working together to develop the programme, including companies and organisations representing tyre importers and suppliers, new and used car importers, tyre recyclers, motor services, and motorists as well as local and central government.

Adele Rose, Project Manager for Tyrewise said “Legal advice was sought by the Tyrewise Working Group for the best structure for the proposed scheme, a Trustee Position Description developed and a Legal Entity to hold the scheme formed. This legal entity is ASNZ.”

The specific purposes of ASNZ are to promote the aims of product stewardship and environmentally sound waste management practices in the auto industry; to hold and manage developed programmes on behalf of the auto industry; to link and liaise with other developed programmes that may not be within the ASNZ umbrella; and to promote the adoption of environmentally sound waste management practices by the auto industry.

The Auto Stewardship New Zealand Product Stewardship Organisation (PSO) has been formed with initial trustees being Mark Gilbert (chair), David Vinsen, Kim Campbell, and Kerryn Downey. Due to pending internal discussions and confirmations being required, pending appointments are MTA, AA and MIA. The interim Deed incorporating the trigger point once priority product for tyres has been declared has been signed and is in the process of being registered with the Companies Office Societies and Trusts division.

According to the Chair, Mark Gilbert, the former CEO of BMW New Zealand, the Deed for ASNZ has been structured to meet the needs of some of the industry trustee representatives who would only commit resources to the PSO at the point at which priority product was declared by the Minister.

“There is a clause in the Deed that is triggered before the next phase can occur. This includes the appointment of the balance of industry trustees, a legal review of the ASNZ Deed by their own industry organisations, an application for charitable trust status, and incorporation of the transparency and accountability function which is provided by an independent funds manager.

“We are now waiting on a meeting with the Minister for the Environment to take place in late September before any further progress can be made,” said Mr Gilbert.

During the interim phase from completion of the project to an action taking place, the current working group for Tyrewise will continue to act in an advisory group capacity.

For more information about the ASNZ and the Working Group’s recommendation on a product stewardship programme for ELTs, you can read the Final Summary Report here.

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