Tyres in coalition agreement

Following the recent elections, 3R Group, project managers for Tyrewise, are delighted to see funding for stewardship of end-of-life tyres as part of the Coalition Agreement.

“For too long New Zealand has lagged behind other countries on our management of end-of-life tyres, despite the proposal of an industry-led product solution being put to the then National government in 2013,” says 3R Group Chief Executive Adele Rose.

“The agreement gives us and other members of the Tyrewise Working Group hope that action might finally be on the cards. We look forward to working with the new government on implementing a solution.”

Every year some 3.9 million passenger tyres and 1.2 million truck tyres reach the end of their life in New Zealand, yet there is currently no pathway to effectively making use of the resource they represent. As a result millions of tyres are stockpiled around the country, posing a significant risk to the environment and New Zealanders.

3R led the industry-supported Tyrewise project which proposed compulsory product stewardship for used tyres in New Zealand. Tyrewise would see the current $3-$5 per tyre disposal fee charged by the vast majority of tyre retailers scraped in favour of a compulsory $4.50 or $5 levy charged at point of sale or import.

Read the Coalition Agreement

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