Tyrewise project update

The year is progressing quickly and with it the Tyrewise project. The end of July saw the completion of Milestone 3, which includes the publication of Scoping Report 2 – Alternative Uses for End of Life Tyres in New Zealand.

The report identifies the alternative uses for End of Life Tyres (ELTs) internationally in order to see what is possible, given our various constraints, for the 80,000 tonnes of ELTs generated in New Zealand each year.

The Tyrewise team have also been busy with various formal and informal industry consultation ranging from attending the IMVIA AGM, the Scrap Metal Recyclers Conference and the Regional Waste and Contaminated Land Forum, plus interviews with a wide variety of stakeholders. Over 30 stakeholder registrations have been received from parties outside the Working Group and they will be kept fully informed throughout the process.

The scoping report is now publicly available on the Tyrewise website and has been sent to the Ministry for the Environment, who are observers on the Working Group.

The next milestone will identify a range of structural options for a programme in NZ and the costs/benefits for each. This is an important stage for those with an interest in ELTs and we would encourage you to get involved in the project.

Across the Ditch

Of interest to some stakeholders may be the release of a consultation document for Tyre Stewardship Australia.

This document was released in late June, for consultation with industry and stakeholders. It outlines a voluntary industry-led scheme that will be funded by a 25c levy per EPU (equivalent passenger unit), paid by Tyre and Vehicle importers to Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA), a non profit stewardship organisation. The levy will fund the activities of TSA including management, administration, accreditation of participants, communication, education, market development and research.

The objective of the scheme is to increase resource recovery and recycling, and minimise environmental, health and safety impacts of ELTs generated in Australia. Voluntary participation and accreditation from TSA for retailers, fleet operators, collectors, recyclers, local government and miners will require commitment to:

  • promote the scheme with an approved action plan;
  • deal transparently and ethically with others in the tyre supply chain, including consumers;
  • only deal with other accredited scheme participants when disposing of ELTs.

“It is interesting to note that under the proposed Australian scheme consumers will still be charged a disposal fee for old tyres when they purchase replacement tyres (effectively being charged at the front and the back end), yet there would not be a consistent levy or disposal fee across the industry. The hope seems to be that consumers will make responsible purchasing decisions and choose to buy tyres from retailers that are accredited by the TSA scheme, and have committed to environmentally responsible management of ELTs. This is an open model that is untried elsewhere and will be interesting to observe.” GRAEME NORTON, 3R GROUP, TYREWISE PROJECT MANAGERS

Please note the Australian report is not endorsed by the Tyrewise Working Group.

You can read the full press release here.

A Superhero was born…

The Tyrewise team joined the Scrap Metal Recycling Association at their recent conference in Auckland. The theme was Superheros of Scrap and so Tyrewise-man was born, resplendent in orange boxers and flashy cap!
As well as giving the team a chance to present progress on the Tyrewise project, the conference provided a great opportunity to talk to scrapmetal dealers and canvas their views on ELTs (as well as releasing their inner superhero!)

New members join Tyrewise Working Group

Two new members have now joined the Tyrewise Working Group: Billie Watmuff representing Value Tyres New Zealand, a used tyre importer, and Jo Knight from Zero Waste NZ Ltd, who is representing the newly formed New Zealand Tyre Recycler and Collector Association (NZTRACA). Both parties will offer new perspectives to the Group and we look forward to their participation and input.

Have your say!

Stakeholder feedback is an important part of the development of a product stewardship programme for End of Life Tyres. The next Tyrewise report is looking at Feasible Product Stewardship Options for New Zealand and is due 31st August – make sure you have your say!

Check out how to get involved or freephone 0800 TYREWISE (0800 897 394) to speak to the Tyrewise team.

Tyrewise is industry supported and has received partial funding from the Waste Minimisation Fund, which is administered by the Ministry for the Environment.

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