Webinar: Tyrewise – Trends in tyre (tire) stewardship

All members of the New Zealand tyre industry are invited to join us for a webinar on 11 August from 10am, featuring speakers from Tyre Stewardship Australia and Tyrewise Implementation Project Managers 3R Group Ltd.

The event will cover what is happening overseas in terms of tyre stewardship as well as give an update on the implementation of the Tyrewise scheme in New Zealand.


Lina Goodman, CEO, Tyre Stewardship Australia (10.05 – 10.20am)

Hear from Lina about:

  • TSA and the Australian voluntary tyre stewardship scheme
  • Her recent trip to Canada and Europe to explore global trends for stewarding tyres.

Brock Baker, Director Participants, and Julie Went, Sustainability Manager, Tyre Stewardship Australia (10.20 – 10.50am)

Hear from Brock and Julie about how TSA is:

  • Managing the health, safety, and environmental risks of ELTs.
  • Working to increase the recovery of Off-the-road (OTR) tyres.
  • Developing sustainable markets for products derived from end-of-life tyres.


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